Automated Guided Vehicle – Awesome Machine for all Ware-Houses

                               Automated Guided Vehicle

As per the name “Automated Guided Vehicle” no human being required to operate this machine. These machine can auto operate according to pre-loaded instruction. These machine are highly use in production area for transporting material from one place to another. The path of these machines already preset. Once the material get loaded, machines follow the path and reach out the right destination. Also these machines contain sensor to avoid any accident. between two machines or human being. These machines are very advance design that makes very helpful to increase the production rate.

Automated Guided Vehicle
In this image you can see “Automated Guided vehicle” and path with black strip line. this machine follow the same path and transport the machine on exact location. 
In future you can see these machines in all ware houses with high-tech technology. All ware house fully loaded with Mobile robot. all the system get automated that will help to increase the production. 
Lessdeal introduces these machines in India and provided complete warranty on all products.