Automatic Label Dispenser- Awesome Labeling Machine for all Products

                          Automatic Label Dispenser

What is Automatic Label Dispenser: 

Label Dispenser is one of the most highly usable machines in all manufacturing and whole selling industries. These machines are very easy in use and installation. There are multiple types of machines available in the market for labeling on the products like semi automatic and fully automatic.  

There are many different types of products that need to be labeling. For all products there are multiple labeling machines designed. Also customize these machines according to client requirement. Machines are very sustainable and long lasting. Once it will start you can use this machines continuously 10-16 hours in a day.
Types of Automatic Label Dispenser:
There are various types of label dispenser available in the market for labeling on different types of products like “Bottle Labeling, Carton Labeling  and many other product labeling”. Due to the increment of different products labeling there various machines designed. Please have a look below:
  • LD Auto label stripper label Combi-100 

Automatic Label Dispenser Combi-180 

  • LD Auto label stripper label Combi-130
  • LD Auto label stripper label Combi-180
  • LD Automatic Label Dispenser AL080
  • LD Automatic Label Dispenser AL-505
  • LD Automatic Label Dispenser AL-505, 4-1
  • LD Automatic Label Dispenser AL-505, 4-7
  • LD Automatic Label Dispenser AL-505, 4-2
  • LD Automatic Label Rewinder AL-935
  • LD Automatic Label Rewinder AL-936
  • LD Automatic Label Dispenser MAS1150D

and many others.
Application of Use:
Here I am describing application of one model of Label Dispenser i.e Label Combi – 180.

  • This machine is idle for small work areas means small industries and this machine work on small labels only.
  • This machine is very accurate in dispensing label.
  • These machines contain Photo sensor technology that provides high accuracy.  
  • From its liner this machine automatically removes paper, vinyl, polyester, foil etc.
  • No need of any other tools for adjusting tape under this machine
  • High maintenance not required in this machine
  • In this machine high torque motor is used


  •  Available Width: 5 – 180mm
  •  Available Length: 10 – 300mm
  •  Feed Speed: 100mm/second
  •  Max. OD of Roll:12″(300mm)
  •  Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz
  •  Measurement & Weight: 350*140*250mm 6.0 kg
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