Automatic Tape Dispenser- Multipurpose Machine

                               Automatic Tape Dispenser 

Automatic TapeDispensers are one of the best products for sealing box using different kinds of tapes. There are many sectors where we can use automatic tape dispenser for increasing the production rate. You can setup 6-8 different sizes before starting machine. No need any bobbin while setup tapes into the machine. These machines can also cut 2 tapes simultaneously. This machine can use 6-60 mm width and 5-999 mm length.  There are many types of tapes we can use in this machine like double sided, normex, filament,acetate, kapton,, Pre-stick, cellphone, craft masking, plastic etc.
RT- 3000

Types of Automatic Tape Dispensers:

LD Automatic Tape Dispenser LD-8000 
LD Automatic Tape Dispenser LD-8000
LD Automatic Tape resistance Forming-Mac
LD Tape Dispenser LD-080
LD Kraft Tape Dispenser F-1B
LD Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-9GR
LD Automatic Tape Dispenser RT-3000
LD Heavy Duty Automatic Tape Dispenser
LD Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-870
And many more. 


Wire Taping and Tying 
Water Proofing and Sealing Box
Safety from electro-static charge
Identification batch Taping
LED Fastening

Specification of RT-3000:

Available Width: 3 – 25mm
Available Length: 9 – 61mm
Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz

Measurement & Weight: 150*120*250mm 2.2Kg

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