Automatic Tape Dispenser – Multipurpose Tape Dispenser Machine

                                Automatic Tape Dispenser 

Automatic Tape Dispenser one of the best machine for industries who are looking for sealing box or any thing via tapes. Generally we use manual tape dispenser at our home for small job but in the industry they highly required automatic machine who support their production rate. There are varieties of automatic tape dispenser available in the market for processing different different tapes. As we talking about tapes you can use 100+ tapes under this machine including Acetate, Double sided, Normex, Filament, Kapton, Pre-stick, Cellphone, Craft, Masking, Plastic etc.


These machines have various application in different field like Medical, Commodity, Food, Beverage, Chemical, Machinery, Hardware, Electrical & Electronics industries, Apparels, automotive etc.

As you can see in the image ZCUT -9 GR for processing two tapes simultaneously. You can use any size of tapes under these machines. Lessdeal one of the Best supplier of these products.