Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-9 – Awesome Machine for all kinds of Industries

                      Automatic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-9 

Zcut-9 One of the highly demanded products in all kinds of industry for packaging products using tape. Zcut-9 gives you awesome experience while cutting tapes. You can feed two tape simultaneously for cutting. You can set different sizes for cutting like 5mm to 999mm. In size, this machine is very light weight and small to carry. 
You can set these machine on “Automatic and Manual Mode”. Tape feeding process is very easy. there are also two buttons for feeding and extracting. The Blade of this machine is very sharp and the motor of this machine is heavy for long duty. You can easily operate this machine 9-15 hours continuously. 


  • You can set 6 different preset length under this machine
  • Feeding of tapes is very easy
  • Maximum width of tapes can be 6mm to 60 mm
  • Length can be 5mm to 999 mm
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