Automatic Twist and Tie Machines

                       Automatic Twist and Tie Machines


Automatic Twist and Tie Machine one of the best machine for tying different products in same machine. You can adjust the size of Jaw of this machine according to products thickness. There are various models available in the market according to market demands. 
twist tie machine
Twist Tie Machine
There are one feeder of wires fix in the back side of Jaw. You can install this machine easily and adjust the Jaw size according to products thickness. You can Tie .3 to .5 inches easily. 

Technical Specification:-

Machine: Length – 21 inch, Width – 7 inch, Height – 12 inch
Weight: 16 Lbs.
Tying Capacity: 1/2 inch or smaller in diameter
Operating Speed: 50 per minute
Power: 110 volt (220V available)
Uses Tech-It 01-2460, 03-2500, 17-2000 and 20-4000 twist tie ribbons.


There are various application for different kinds of industries like Wire Strapping Industries, Foods Packaging, Medical, bakery, food, candy, confectionery, industrial wire harnessing, assembly, Bag sealing for different industries and many more places use can use this machine. 
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