Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine – Awesome machine for all types of Wires

                     Wire cutting and stripping machine

Wire cutting and stripping machine one of the most important machine in industry who are using lots of big and small wires in their production.
wire cutting stripping machine - lessdeal
Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine 
These machine setup and installation is very easy. After setup these machines automatically take wire for cutting and stripping at exact position that you have set in the machine.  These machines can use two wire simultaneously in processing for wire cutting and stripping. There are multiple blades placing under this machine for different different cutting stripping . Once start this machines you can use 12-16 hours. These machine blades are very sharp and made by cast steel iron that why not easily rub this blades.
As I am talking about weights of this machines weight is around between 20-30 kg. Lessdeal have varieties of wire cutting strippingmachine for different types of wires.