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A Bollard service is used to create a protective or architectural. When bollards are installed in traffic and mark boundaries and Garden light. They are in available a wide variety of shapes and styles to accentuate or visually stand out in their settings. Mostly Bollards can also be used in constructed to physically block vehicle, protecting people and round the property. Today these security bollards are used in decorative elements or chosen to complement the landscape, but their primary consideration is resistance. The Bollards are made from almost any material, depending on their needed requirement, Today the most common bollards are made in metal, stone, cement, or plastic.

Building and landscape architecture

The visual quality of highly shows in buildings and landscapes. Choose the styles of range, including premium ornamental designs—made from iron or aluminum—to any historical or contemporary aesthetic. Bollards increase the landscape designs while increasing safety and walkability for any time of night. Mostly Bollards are used to after complementing new or old both building architecture. The bollards highly visual cues and enhance a sense of place for approaching visitors.

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Traffic guidance
Industrial Products Company important visual cues for drivers. Mostly bollards are used to danger/sensitive environments for safe and responsible driving. Bollards used to an optimal height for driver visibility when maintaining clear sight lines and pedestrian flow when required. Mostly bollards used to traffic management devices. It is more sufficient including signage, road barriers, curbs, speed bumps and crosswalks. Bollards can use visual indicators around sensitive areas. It is used in building areas, utility boxes, parking attendant booths or pedestrian walkways and mostly around the hospital. When used in crowd urban areas, bollards divided bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to ensure safety for all transportation. Mostly in parking areas and restricted access roads, bollards can be installed to allow temporary or seasonal access.

Bollards used to clear, visible barriers to off-limit or sensitive areas and VIP buildings. Mostly Steel bollards securities posts are made from structural grade steel. Today bollards can be made in concrete to withstand highly vehicle collisions. The security bollards on their own as stand-alone posts. Today it’s used in decorative bollards and available in different-2 size and shape. Stand-alone security posts can be covered with cost-effective plastic sleeves to maximize visibility. Steel-pipe bollards are ideal in pedestrian areas—such as building entrances, transit hubs or parking-lot walkways because it is very strong without any maintenance. They are ideally used in vulnerable populations—senior citizens, young children or people with disabilities. Security posts also protect vulnerable building areas.

Specialized applications
Flexible bollards are designed to stand vehicles areas—bending up to 90 degrees without compromising their original shape or any position. The bollards are reduced to the minimal accident to vehicles, making them for ideal locations where collisions areas. Flexible bollards are easy to install with fixed or removable types.

Light bollards are mostly used for lighting open areas and pathways. The LED lighting heads powered entirely by solar cells. The energy management systems take into account available sunlight and maximize output at desired times.  Any range of color, distribution and scheduling patterns used in bollards.

Today Bike parking bollards used in the decorative standard and ornamental bollard designs. When also providing a means for easy bicycle storage. They can be equipped with removable mountings for seasonal accommodation.

 Quality materials
Bollards are available in a different range of iron, steel, aluminum and plastic materials. The standard steel and aluminum products are powder coated to lasting durability and improved visual quality. The stainless steel bollards offer resists rust and no paints require in corrosive environments.
Easy installation
A range of Bollards installation methods based on the product and site. The styles include embedding into new concrete and bolt-down flanges for new or existing concrete.

Competitive and convenient purchasing
Detailed price lists, including volume discounts, are available online. Visit our product category pages or individual item pages for price details. The formal quotes at each item for details and shipping costs to your location.
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Racing bollards

Bollard covers

Protective bollards

Bollard lights

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