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Introducing Ceasefire’s Quick Response System, a revolutionary firefighting solution which combines ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity to keep what’s precious, safe.

The most prominent feature of the Ceasefire Quick Response System is the specially designed heat-sensitive pneumatic polymer tubing.

It is connected at one end to a Ceasefire extinguishing agent container, while the rest of it runs unobtrusively throughout the area at risk.

When the flame comes in contact with the heat-sensitive tubing and reaches a temperature of 150 – 180°C, the tubing bursts open at that exact spot and forms a miniature nozzle.

The pneumatic mechanism triggers the valve of the extinguisher and sprays the extinguishing agent out of the tube directly onto the flame, dousing the fire instantaneously.

Because the extinguishing agent used is CO2, this system is effective to combat any kind of fire.

This is ideal for locations where there is a chance of ignition of fire at multiple points. For example, in a large server, where a voltage surge can short-circuit components at multiple locations and cause them to catch fire.

Product Features

Introduction: CQRS is a revolutionary firefighting solution that combines ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity. It senses an increase of temperature associated with fires and activates automatically to bring the fire under control. This system is effective to combat any kind of fire.

Indirect System: The heat – sensitive tubing also acts as a detection device. In the event of a fire, the extinguishing agent is delivered through a steel conduit and sprayed across the entire area through strategically placed nozzles

Application : Ideal for places where fires can break out in localised areas.

High Pressure : High pressure type for maximum extinguishing effectiveness.

International Quality: Built to Ceasefire’s high standards, which are in compliance with international quality standards.

Self – Contained : Does not require any power supply and will function normally in the event of a power .

Instant/Automatic activation :Eliminating the need for human intervention, the system is in a perpetual state of readiness to combat a fire as soon as it breaks out.

Flexible Application Uses Dupont HFC 236fa, HCFC 123 or CO2 extinguishing agent, making this system useful for a multitude of application.

Extended Reach . Flexible tubing extends protection to areas that are difficult to access and may not be able to accommodate any other means of detection.

Easy Installation : Simple design, and can be installed within a few hours, which means a significant reduction in labour costs and downtime.

Rugged quality: Rugged quality ensures tolerance to harsh conditions where other types of detection systems might be rendered inadequate.

Tremendous Throw : Though it is lightweight, it is packed with tremendous power and throw, to penetrate past even the finest grills and meshes.

Mechanism and Indicator: Used / Unused Mechanism and Used / Unused Indicator keeps track of usage and ensures there are no unpleasant surprises during an emergency.