ESD/AntiStatic Finger Cot – Demanded products for all Electrical & Electronics Industries

                                    ESD/Anti-Static Finger Cot


Finger Cot have many application in various industries to protect electronics instruments by exposure to the skin, dirt on hand and skin oil. Electronics and Electrical Circuit are highly sensitive that not bear any exposure by outside. Finger Cot that replaces some places of gloves. 
finger cot also use in medical sector in large scale to protect him self while checking patient and injecting medicine into patient body. Disease can be flow via skin into body so every time doctor wear this small finger cot. Finger cot is very easy to manage. 
The Finger cot generally made by Soft material like mineral oil gel and the end of the finger cot is open. 
Finger Cot- Lessdeal
Finger Cot


There are various application of finger cot in various kinds of industries like electronics and electrical manufacturing industries to protect circuit from dust particle, oil and other. Also used in medical industries to keep from disease.  
Lessdeal one of the best supplier of ESD finger Cot in various Top MNC’s company in INDIA. Also supplies complete ESD Items and Industrial Machines that helps you to increase the production ratio. 

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