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esd control products- lessdeal
Lessdeal-One Stop Solutions for All Industries

Lessdeal is the biggest off-line and online market place for supplying Industrial products all over in India. Here I am introducing ESD Control Products that are generally use in electronics market for developing different kinds of appliances like Home TV, fridge, AC, Washing machine and many others.

Price Comparison: Lessdeal provide very competitive price to our customers that’s why lessdeal have more than 500000+ customer’s and and 150000 steady.

Quality:  Lessdeal deliver quality products to our valued customer’s. We provide 1-2 year full warranty over the products. In case they are facing any issues, our technical person will attend to resolve the problems.

Currently we are spreading our market to all over in India and have 7 offices in India at different cities like Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad.

What we are supplying in ESD Items:
* Wrist Strap & Grounding Cord
* Vaccum Suction Pad
* ESD Shoes & Sleeper
* Tweezer
* Ionizer
* Gloves
* ESD Accessory
* Tester
* ESD Chair
* ESD Stool
* ESD Rack & Box
* ESD Brush
* Soldering Station and Accessories
* Magnifying Lamp & Lens
* Ionizing Air Gun

These are very unique products with good quality and high demanding. For more information please call us on our customer executive: +1204569559, Mobile No: +91-9311206045