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It is a well-established fact that water is fire’s oldest enemy. It cools at a rate of 2.6 MW per liter every second. But using water to try and douse a fire can spell disaster. Until now, the only way to put out an oil fire was with a chemical foam extinguisher, which destroyed every ingredient in your kitchen while also being greatly harmful to the environment.

Worse still, you had to shut down the kitchen for hours or even days, for a full cleanup. And if you were running an industrial kitchen, a food processing unit, a restaurant or hotel or café, this could result in substantial loss in revenue. Not to mention loss of reputation.


Contrary to popular belief, oil itself doesn’t catch fire if overheated. When it reaches its burning temperature which is around 300°C, it begins to emit combustible fumes. Because the ignition temperature of these combustible fumes is far lower than that of the oil, they spontaneously ignite, fuelled by the oxygen in the ambient air. Oil fires spread rapidly and cannot be put out with ordinary water extinguishers, giving rise to the need of property-damaging chemical agent extinguishers.

The Ceasefire Hydro Pyro quell System (CHPS) is a global revolution in fighting fat fires. Ceasefire now manufactures and brings this cutting edge equipment to market, in keeping with our tradition of putting the world’s latest firefighting technology at your disposal. 

The Hydro Pyro quell System is available in 2 liter, 3 liter and 6 liter variants. All designed to kill fires with no collateral damage. All perfect firefighters at every stage of the food supply chain – production, storage, transportation or distribution. All using patented technology first introduced in India by Ceasefire, the country’s largest, most trusted fire safety solutions provider. 

THE TECHNOLOGY The revolutionary new  Hydro Pyro quell System is designed to combat Class F fires, and is also a comprehensive solution to Class A, B, C and electrically started fires. Combining the use of distilled water with award-winning technology, it leaves property unharmed and, unlike chemical foams, makes it environment friendly. 

It consists of a specially designed rotary within the Mist Generator which, upon activation, mixes water and air in a pre-set proportion to generate the mist. The mist is then propelled through a specially designed nozzle, giving it a throw of over 10 feet.

Product Features:

Solid stainless steel body

Easy snap safety seal


Sate of the art pressure gauge 

Reduces damage

Environment friendly