M-1000 Tape Dispenser- Best Carton/Box Sealing Machine for all Industries

                    M-1000 Tape Dispenser


M-1000 Tape Dispenser one of the highly demanded products in almost all industries for sealing carton/box with different adhesive tapes. This Machine is ideal for medium size industries. Tape feeding process is very easy. There are also provide LED display to manage the tapes. Also you can set the tape cutting in different ways like manual and automatically. Once you set your preference machine will work accordingly. You can use 12-16 hours in a continuously.

M-1000 Tape Dispenser - Lessdeal
M-1000 Tape Dispenser


* Maximum width of tape size you can use under this machine is – 7-50 mm
* You can adjust the length 5-999 mm
* You can use different tapes under this machine 
* This machine is ideal for medium size industries
* Automatic and Manual both mode are available in this machine
* High Accuracy +/-1 mm can cut 


Many different industries like: Medical, Industrial, food, Beverage, Hardware, Machinery, automotive, electrical and electronics, apparels etc. No one industries can be rest without this machine. All kinds of industries can use this machine. 
Lessdeal one of the best supplier in India for all kinds of industrial machine whatever it belongs to electronics, mechanical or electrical industries or any other.