Mini 3D Printer – Awesome Machine for Dummy Design

                                      Mini 3D Printer


3D Printer why we use? This is first question arises in mind when we start discussion about. 3D Printer gives you copy exact virtual product for your starting project. There are various machines available to start your learning in the direction of 3D Printer. 
3D Design is start with CAD scanner. Scanner will scan the object at the minimum point and send to Autocad Software to create application for that object. Once material get put inside the machine, CAD software start slicing of object according to saved design. 
3D Printer works on Autocad Design. You have to knowledge about Autocad to Design exact copy of your virtual product.  
3d printer
Mini 3D Printer

As you can see design under this 3D Machine. Exact design is created by this 3D printing machine.

Technical Information:

As I am taking about mention machine. the weight of this machine is around 46Kg only. This size of this machine is 680*445*555 mm. So the machine is very small to carry easily. 


There are various application of this machine in various industries like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Medical, Food and many others who are interesting in virtual design of their upcoming new products. 
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