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Industries make a wild range of PPRC(Polypropylene Random Copolymer) Pipe, we can be used in so many places in Industries, that’s one is Chiller line, in this time all industries remove old piping GI/MS to replace PPRC Pipe because that’s life and quality too much,
all pprc pipe manufacture give 100 years life so that’s a very good life for industries.

It’s only and only food Grade pipe for fusion PPR Pipe..

“Range of Products”

PPR-C Pipes & Fittings – 20mm-315mm (½”-12”)PPR-C Flange Pipes for Submersible PumpPPR-C Coil PipeMechanical CouplingPP-FRP Pipes & FittingsPPR-C Chemical Coupled Pipes & Fittings.Long-term performance curve shows the behavior of pipe line depending on pressure & operating temperature. It establishes the average life expectancy of a pipeline as a function of hoop stress acting on the pipe walls.

PPRC Pipe and Features:

PPRC polypropylene random Copolymer stands for, can provide very high performance even under high and low temperatures and pressure conditions. Heating and hot water systems used in freshwater polypropylene random copolymer (PPR c) pipes ultra-high molecular structure due to a high level of use and durability. Raw material is manufactured from polypropylene random Copolymer. Plastic pipe, PPRC pipes in factories to human health, considering the value they give does not contain carcinogenic substances that affect human health, Europe’s leading countries and no successful results were obtained in tests it was determined that it did not cause health problems. In the United States, is approved by the health care law. Due to having a high tensile PPR C definitely does not affect the chemical properties of fluids in pipes. Algae PPR c pipes DIN 8077 DIN 8078 landed the absence of standards and a minimum of pressure drops are manufactured.

PPR C Pipes Application Area

Hot and cold plumbing systems inside and outside the building
– Solar energy systems
– Solar collectors
– Compressed air systems
– Air conditioning systems
– Industrial piping systems

PPR Thermal Conductivity is very low, thus it is possible to reduce heat loss/ gain water system. It is usually designed to last 50 years at any temperature. PPR does not support scaling. The inner surface of pipes and fitting has very low frictional resistance compared to standard pipes. This type of pipes has reducing distribution pressure losses. PPR piping assures very high resistance against abrasion by hard particles. PPR is very easy to join and low weight.
The capacity of 1.8MMT produces Reliance Polypropylene 7th largest manufacturer in the world. Polymer offers a wide range of Homopolymer, random and impact copolymer grades. Photopolymer grades from polymers are available in a wide range of melt flow and molecular distribution. They are used in flexible applications used for commodity and industrial packaging. Polymer has customized impact copolymer that is available in a diversified range of impact, the need of injection moulding.

Among plastic pipe is most popular in plumbing across the world. The plastic pipe was developed in 1990’s. This pipe can deliver hot water at 95c with pressure 1.2 mph making the ideal plastic for both hot and cold water. Pipes and Fittings made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer and this are very popular for hot and cold water, it can use a residential building, commercial building, hotels and offices buildings.
Today mostly reliance is the largest Polypropylene Random Copolymer supplier with a current capacity of 3.5mmt per year. It works in world-scale plants for Polypropylene, polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride using State of the art technology. A different field of the categories provides applications across packaging, housing, healthcare, water, automotive, agriculture, and gas transportation.