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Mostly All know that the concrete is well strong in compression. The rebars sytem is higly good, that  the best use to make slab.
The rainforced bar system is design by the engineers. The engineers  provides  detail of the number of reinforcement.
The Different  type of load on concrete building as horizontal, compression, lateral and torsion.

The structure is dependent  on the method by the Engineers and employed to install the reinforcement bar system. The reinforcement bars are mainly conect to proper bonding with the concrete.

Operations in Rebaring for Reinforced Concrete Works

The main operations carried out in rebaring for reinforced concrete construction bars are cutting, bending and tying. The reinforcement bars used reinforced concrete work mainly different-2 ranges but its mainly from 6 to 42mm. These type of reinforcement bars come from the steel mill in particular lengths.
So, during installation, the reinforcement bars must be used only required size. The design shows by the engineer the details about the bars bending and related works, based on which proceed the work. The rigid connection Provides to all the members of the rebars.

Necessity of Rebaring Technique in Reinforced Concrete Construction
The steel reinforcement mostly is divided into two categories i.e.
·         Primary Reinforcement or Main Steel reinforcement
·         Secondary reinforcement or distribution reinforcement
The reinforcement bars system works on limited cracking. The cracking is depend upon the temperature variations. The employee is specified diameter are bent at the ends. The Main Bar are used in beams, columns , slab etc.
Mostly stirrups are circular, square, rectangular, helical or diamond shape based on the cross-section of the element. The bar in the corners may be L  shaped.

Equipments used for Rebaring Techniques

The equipment are used for rebaring system with time to time, like the size of bar. The Larger bars is very difficult to handle by hand opreation.
Mostly employee used hammer and chisel for bar bending.The bar is held fixed with the help of three thick bars over a bar bender bench.then the binding is proper used in manual force and levers. to tie the roads and cutting holes are used, tie by the steel wire.Drill hole are use to fix the iron rod with the chemicel and make different-2  joints by engineer design.

How Is Rebarring Done
Drill Hole in Concrete based on design
Fill it with chemical
Insert rebar and allow for chemical curing
A)   Simply Supported Connections
Adding beam between columns
Casting slab in a cutout
B)  Spliced Connections
Extension of column
Extension of beam/ slab
Casting slab in a cutout
C)  Moment Connections
Column from Raft/ Pile cap
Cantilever beam from column
Bracket on column
D)  Shear Connectors
Thickening of slabs/ raft
J bolting while jacketing
Rebar Grouting Outcome
No damage to existing concrete (Cost saving on prepare & repair)
Precise controlled application (Quality of work & Speed)
Flexibility in designs
Role of Designer
 To Provide Safe Design
Right Embedment depth
Right Steel details
Right chemical
Beyond Design
Chemical Selection may depend on parameters like:
Temperature range (long/ short)
Drilling method
Effect of chemicals
Creep Behaviour etc…
 Special Care in Application with Deep Embedment
Proper Cleaning
Usage of Piston Plug