RT-3000 Automatic Tape Dispenser – Awesome Machine for all Industries

                          RT-3000 Automatic Tape Dispenser 

RT-3000 One of the best Automatic Tape Dispenser machine for all kinds of industries for packaging products via tapes. This machine you can use for small box packaging. In RT-3000 model there are two knob rota-tor to adjust the cutting length of the tape. There are two blade placing under this machine i.e in upper side and lower side. You can easily change the blades. You don’t need to adjust any blade. Both are auto adjustable. Tape feeding system is very unique and easy. 
Also you can cut tape by pressing the center button each time or can set on automatic mode.

RT-3000 Tape Dispenser, Automatic Tape Dispenser
RT-3000 Tape Dispenser


* You can use Tape Width: 5-25 mm
* You can use Tape Length: 9-61 mm
* Tape feeding is easy 
* Easy to handle blades
* 12-16 hours running time 
* No heating problem 
* Can use different types of tapes like PVC tape, cloth tape, glass tape, pp tape, double-side tape, capton etc
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