SMD Rework/ Soldering Station

                           SMD Rework/ Soldering Station


Soldering station one of the best products that are highly usable product in all electronics and electrical manufacturing companies. Lessdeal have different brand of SMD Rework Station like LD, Hakko etc. There are various of application of doing soldering jobs on different kinds of PCB board, mother board etc for manufacturing any kinds of electronics product. Soldering station has different functionality like control heat flow, Also given small digital computer to measure the heat. 


SMD Soldering Station 

Lessdeal have various models available. Hakko and LD these two brand are highly demanded in relevant industries. Here are the list of models in LD and Hakko. Please have a look below:
  • Hakko Soldering Station 936
  • LD Soldering Station LD-939
  • LD Soldering Station LD-939D
  • LD Soldering Station LD-942
  • Handy Five Axis Auto Soldering Robot H35
  • Handy Double-station Auto Soldering Robo
  • LD Soldering Station LD-2000
  • Atten Hot Air SMD Rework Soldering Station
  • Atten Digital Desoldering Repairing Sold
  • Quick Automatic Lead Free Soldering Station
  • Weller Soldering Station WSD-81
  • LD Soldering Station LD-937
  • LD Soldering Station LD-936D
  • Hakko Lead-Free Soldering Station FX-888
  • Hakko Soldering Station FX-951
  • Quick Soldering Station 203H
  • Hakko SMD Rework Soldering Station FR-80
  • Hakko SMD Rework Soldering Station FR-80

Working Videos:


  • Very Comfortable, Portable, handheld equipment for different jobs
  • Provided Digital Meter for adjust heat
  • Integrated Rotator is useful for adjusting the heats
  • This is ESD Protected product
  • Logn last and high Resistance product
  • If the Temprature goes down below 70C, rotation goes stop automatically. 

Why Lessdeal:-

Lessdeal provides complete solutions on ESD items and Automatic Machines. All the products are high quality and price are whole sale rate. We have more than 2 Lacs Steady Customer in all over in India. We have made good trust on our customer also getting feed back to check how customers are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern and always do a better job to get good feedback from our valued customers. 
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