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The Pulse Mist Based System has been specially designed for smaller environments, or for areas where the fire hazard is likely to be in an enclosed space (such as a transformer room). The extinguishing agent for the transformer is stored in cylinders attached to the network of pipes and detectors.

This system also includes pressurized cylinders filled with water, available in sizes ranging from 12Ltrs – 100Ltrs, rigged to the system via a manifold. 

Product Features

Multiple Applications
Self-Actuating 24×7 Protection
Extended Reach
Quick Installation
Long Lasting 
Environmentally Friendly, no ODP
Non Conductive
High Standards 
Low Water Usage with Mist of 60-100 microns
Extra Security for People – Screening
Post Fire Damage Reduction
Safe for People and the Environment 
An Alternative to the Traditional Sprinkler System


Apart from transformers, this system can be used for other areas and applications.

• Generators
• Genset canopy

• Engines: electric, diesel and petrol
• Earth movers
• Automobiles: buses, cars and trucks
• Food processing units
• Small food manufacturing units
• Moving kitchens in campers andcatering vans
• Electrical substation
• Factories
• Hangar protection
• Total building/big room protection
• Railways: locomotive, pantry car,coaches, etc
• Metro trains
• Industrial setups
• Any production unit where you don’twant chemicals to halt operations
• Areas where oil or other inflammablefuels are present