WWII Online is an application created by Cornered Rat Software. WWII Online was first published on . WWII Online is currently available for Steam, Other.THE MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE FPS WARGAME OF WORLD WAR IIA sandbox FPS simulator of 200+ Air/Land/Sea units from Allied and Axis nationsNo limit of players fighting hours-long PvP battles, on a...

WWII Online Review

WWII Online is an application created by Cornered Rat Software. WWII Online was first published on . WWII Online is accessible on the following platforms: Steam, Other.


  • A sandbox FPS simulator of 200+ Air/Land/Sea units from Allied and Axis nations
  • No limit of players fighting hours-long PvP battles, on a persistent and borderless map of Wester Europe
  • A 24/7 community-driven war game, in real-time, where any action influences the game for hours, days, or weeks!

  • Sign up and get access to our unique server, where our two communities (WWIIONLINE.COM and STEAM) are playing together!
  • Instantly get a premium 30-days trial to try out everything WWII Online has to offer.
  • After the trial, you will be automatically converted to a perpetual Free Play account.
  • You will be able to upgrade your account any time to unlock more units and features.
  • You can freeze your subscription and keep free play access, without losing your game name or rank.
We are a 100% player-funded indie project: you can play for free with basic infantries and equipment, but a subscription will unlock more units and will allow us to release more- and faster upgrades! (click to see our current roadmap)


World War II Online runs 24/7 but you will experience its largest player-led operations during U.S. primetime:
  • 7 PM - 1 AM (UTC)
  • 2 PM - 8 PM (EST)
  • 1 PM - 7 PM (CST - Chicago)
  • 11 AM - 5 PM (PST - Los Angeles)
  • 8 PM - 2 AM (Brussels)
  • 7 PM - 1 AM (GMT)
  • 6 AM - 12 PM (Sydney)
  • 10 PM - 4 AM (Moscow)

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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer FPS, simulation game set in the Western Front of WWII and hosted on a huge single map. There is virtually no limit to the number of players that can join the battlefield and fight as infantry, tanker, pilot or captain!

The game offers a strategic and persistent winnable Campaign that is completely player-driven, both in the strategic planning and players fighting to control territory, with more than 240 weapons and vehicles. Fly the Spitfire, drive the Tiger or the Sherman Firefly, shoot with the Flak36 88mm, sail a destroyer... WWII Online’s gameplay is unmatched in terms of scale, realism and replayability.


Its scale is a massive 300,000 SQ KM that is an interconnected and zone-less game world offering a total freedom for players. This scale allows for truly immersive combined arms PVP combat. Communication between the Army, Air Force, and Naval units that are engaged will help determine the outcome! There are no limitations to how many players can interact in a battlespace.


All weapons, vehicles, munitions, and ordinance perform according to realistic values. We have achieved this through direct access to historical archives, a network of military experts and our advanced proprietary game engine that goes in depth like never before. Armor on tanks and aircraft, as well as their internal components, are modeled down to the millimeter.


Our damage models go into extreme detail with each component being destroyable in vehicles including crew, weapon storage, gas tanks and more! You don’t just shoot a hitbox? NO! With every shot fired, multiple calculations take place that determines the round impact consequences. Some of these include; angle of obliquity, speed of round at impact, the thickness of the armor, internal spall, armor penetration, parts of tank damaged, etc.


Just like in real life, the outcome of each engagement will be determined by strategy, tactics, teamwork, and weapon handling skills! In WWII Online there are no special power-ups or item buys giving someone a special advantage against other players.


WWII Online is a serious game that requires time investment, a willingness to work as a team player. If you do not join a squad and voice comms, you will likely be lost and frustrated.

Each time you log in, a pop-up window will show you the currently available squad recruiters. You can check the list of existing squads and their stats on the Squad Tools page.

For the best gameplay experience possible, you should first get on the WWII Online Discord Server. Integrated voice comms are currently in development.


FREE version grants you access to the basic riflemen (infantry and paratrooper), reserve SMG (infantry and paratrooper), light tanks (Panzer II C, Panzer III F, R35, H39, Vickers, A-13), light AA guns (Flak30, Hotchkiss 25mm), light AT guns (Pak36, FR/US 25mm, 2 Pounder), trucks and ships. You can capture facilities and deploy player-placed objects, including mobile spawns. Rank Attainment is limited to 2nd Lieutenant (Rank 9).

The game, however, has always been and remains a subscription-based game. This helps for operating costs like our game servers, bandwidth, power, staff, etc. and thus keep our single map up 24/7/365.

There are NO microtransactions nor advertisements in-game. Your rank only will unlock heavier equipment.

The STARTER subscription unlocks more medium tanks, bombers, armored cars, paratroopers, grenadiers, mortarmen, and two other random premium units. It is the best deal to start playing the game and gain your first ranks. When campaigns reach higher tiers, however, you will need more teamwork and better tactics to face heavier weapons.

The PREMIUM subscription unlocks access to all of our 200+ weapons, within the restriction of your current in-game rank and the ongoing technological Tier (193x-1945). We recommend the premium subscription to players with rank 4 and above.

Can't afford a subscription but want to play with more blitzkrieg equipment? Each town has some starter equipment that is available through DLCs. Check out our DLCs list or consider a bundle pack:


Thousands of manhours have already been invested in this game since 2001. A new update (patch) with new content is released every 1-2 month(s), and which will be automatically updated on your Steam store for FREE.

Read our current development roadmap.

Questions? ideas? Please contact our Steam community manager ZEBBEEE